Law of Attraction – How will the universe answer you? (Not always how you expect!)

27 February 2020
Posted By: Lisa Treasure

If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know that I’m a great believer in the law of attraction. In fact, discovering this idea has totally changed my life in lots of different ways. Most significantly, it has had an amazing impact on my relationship, and it is helping to take my career down a new and exciting path.

Do you just have to wish really hard?

I used to find that whenever I mentioned the law of attraction to my friends and family, I would get a bit embarrassed and almost apologetic (as if I was revealing a belief in magic or fairies!). Many people aren’t really sure what the law of attraction is, and a common reply would be, “Oh yes, I’ve heard of that. Isn’t that where you wish really hard for something and hope it comes true?”. This view obviously implies that we don’t really need to do much in order for all our hopes and dreams to come true. Although this is a lovely concept, it is important that we put in the effort to make sure our lives move in the direction we want them to.

Listening Skills

I believe that we can use lots of different techniques to help us manifest all our desires. Practices like creative visualization, meditation and affirmations are all amazing tools that help to focus the mind. These are all things that I do daily and I can’t recommend them enough. If you are interested in visualizations, you can go to my website and download a free guided visualization for a dream holiday. As I said earlier, they have helped to change my outlook on life dramatically. However, the part of the process I wanted to focus a bit more on, is the response from the universe. After all the meditating and visualizing, what is supposed to happen? Will you wake up at 3am with a bolt of inspiration? Will you hear strange voices whispering ideas to you? Will you see signs all around you? The answer is that, yes, I think that any or all of those things might happen. The trick is to be able to recognise that the universe is answering you.

I nearly missed it!

When this happened to me, I almost didn’t realise what was happening. I had been asking myself and the universe how I could give something back to the world, and I was waiting for some sort of response. At the same time, I had heard of something called ‘Pay it Forward’ and thought that it sounded like a lovely idea. After reading all about it, I really hadn’t thought about taking any particular action (except perhaps to try and be a bit kinder to people in general).

But over the next few days, I kept thinking about it and ended up chatting to a friend about it. To cut a long story short, they thought it sounded great and ended up googling it and finding out that the national Pay it Forward Day was the following week.  For some reason I couldn’t get the idea out of my head; it kept popping up throughout the day and I just kept shrugging it off. After a while, it dawned on me! I was asking for ways to give back and my head would’t stop thinking about Pay it Forward! Once I recognised it, the answer seemed so obvious and I ended up organising a whole day of activities which involved all the children and staff in my school. The day was amazing, and as well as all the kindness that was spread throughout school, there was an unexpected side effect, which was that I felt great!! The funny thing is, if I hadn’t been paying attention, I would probably have missed all the huge hints from the universe. Sometimes it can be a bolt from the blue, but more often, it is just your brain quietly trying to get you to listen.

So is that really the universe or just you?

When I first starting finding out about the Law of Attraction, I kept wondering why people were giving credit to the universe, surely it is just your own brain or subconscious mind that is coming up with all these ideas and making them happen. If you start looking for things then they are more likely to show up. For example, if you decide you would like to buy a particular car, you will probably find that you keep seeing that make of car everywhere. It’s not that there are suddenly more of them around, it’s just that your mind is looking out for them. This is how I believe that Law of Attraction works – it just sharpens your mind to focus on the things you have told it you want. The trick is to tell it the right things, and then to pay attention and be aware when you are being given the signs.

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