5 ways to manifest the man of your dreams

27 February 2020
Posted By: Lisa Treasure

Recently I have been trying to harness the law of attraction in all the areas of my life with amazing results. After initially discovering the concept from Jim Carey, I went on to watch ‘The Secret’ the secretand read many other books and articles on the subject (I’ll share many of the ones I found useful in a following blog).

I realised as I did my research that I had already been using one of the most powerful tools – visualization- without even being aware of it at the time. I am absolutely convinced that this amazing technique led me to finding the man of my dreams!

I was in your position 2 years ago and I tried everything to try and find Mr. Right. If I had used all these strategies at the same time, I know I would have found him even sooner.
I have created a ‘Guided Visualization’ to help anyone who finds the process difficult on their own. happy couple

1. Keep an open mind

Many people tell you to be very clear about what you are looking for (even to write a list of the qualities you desire). Although there is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and don’t want, there is a danger of becoming too prescriptive and overlooking someone that could be amazing for you. The universe often has a much better idea than you do about what will bring you the most happiness. It’s OK to have a few ‘deal breakers’ but it’s great to keep an open mind – you never know what new and exciting things could come into your life!

2. Act as if finding him is inevitable

Act and behave as if meeting the perfect partner is a foregone conclusion. Believe that you will meet them, it’s just a question of where and when (they are already out there waiting for you). Continue to reinforce the idea that he is just around the corner. The law of attraction works by returning to us what we put out into the universe. If we make comments like, ‘I’ll never find the right person’ then this is what will happen. Replace those thoughts with things like, ‘My soul mate is just around the corner’ or ‘I’m ready to meet my husband/boyfriend’.

3. Be Grateful

Practice feeling grateful that your partner will soon be in your life. gratitude-1 Gratitude is an extremely powerful way of bringing about all your hopes and dreams. Instead of sending out negative vibes and feeling sorry for yourself, use tried and tested affirmations to change your mindset. Some of the phrases I use regularly are: I am so grateful that my life is full of love and happiness; I’m thankful that the partner I’m looking for is also looking for me. Not only will this send out a message to the universe, but it will also make you a more confident, positive person (which, in turn, makes you much more attractive).

4. Say yes!

Try to start saying ‘yes’ to as many different opportunities as you can (even if it has nothing to do with the possibility of meeting a potential partner). Put yourself outside your comfort zone a little! 2 years ago I was on a dating website when I received an email asking if I would like to be on one of their T.V. adverts. My first reaction was, NO WAY! I’m quite a private person and really didn’t like the idea of the whole country knowing I was single and looking for love. In the end I decided that it was an opportunity not to be missed and I put all my negative thoughts to one side. I ended up traveling to London with my 2 children, having a whale of a time and experiencing something really unique and fun. This experience ended up being the catalyst for meeting my partner. He recognised me from the advert and used it as an ice breaker to start a conversation with me in a local bar. I know this is quite an unusual example but all sorts of experiences can lead you to meet new people. They also add up to make you more interesting with more to say and contribute to a relationship.

5. Creative Visualization

As I mentioned earlier, this is a technique that I have always used and I believe it t be the most powerful tool available when it comes to manifesting your dreams. creative_visualization

In a nutshell, it involves creating vivid mental images that reprogram your subconscious. This is not a new concept, it is one that is used by many successful people around the world. Famous athletes like Tiger Woods and Wayne Rooney use this technique to help them focus on achieving their goals.

With a little help, you too can use this amazing skill to manifest your perfect partner. I have done months of research into this field and feel sure that I have created a downloadable guided visualization that can help you reach your dream. PURCHASE NOW

Alternatively, check out my free ‘holiday’ guided visualization to get a taste of how it works. Sign up today to receive your free ‘holiday’ guided visualization download

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